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Welcome to our Emmons Ranch website, and thank you for visiting! We are pleased to share a brief history of our ranch and display the cattle we raise. For several decades, we raised and marketed purebred Simmental cattle. While we are pleased with our past cattle and the contributions they made to commercial and purebred herds, we set out on a journey in 2003 to create a more functional, moderate, and fertile herd of cattle with higher quality udders and a gentle disposition. This was accomplished by introducing Angus genetics into our herd and crossing with our Simmental cattle. We continue to use Simmental and SimAngus™ bulls in our herd to produce our desired crosses. The product we have produced is a herd of cattle that have exceeded our expectations and the expectations of our customers. We feel it is fitting that with our new direction, we also have a new prefix with the American Simmental Association (ASA) to record our cattle, “ERI”. We have the same ASA number, 72, and are proud to be one of the few ASA foundation members in operation today.


Annual Bull Sale


Our bulls will be offered for sale starting March 2, 2019! 

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Herd Sires

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Ranch History


Emmons Ranch was established in 1909 on the Mizpah Creek near Olive, Montana. Over 100 years later, we are lucky enough to call this land our home, and have the fourth, fifth, and sixth generations of our family living here today!


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